The Last Of Whoppers

(The client bought the idea, but COVID killed it)

The Last Of Us is one of the world-famous games played by more than 20 million players.
As Burger King has a partnership with Playstation to launch The Last Of Us 2 on June 19, 2020, how can Burger King stay relevant?

During the game, one of the things players have to do is collecting canned food to survive in the post-apocalypse world.
Burger King will create new packaging for our product. At the time of preparation, we will can our Whopper while keeping it as fresh as ever.


Agency: DAVID Madrid.
Campaign Killed By COVID: The Last Of Whoppers.
Client: Burger King Spain.
Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis.
MD, Global COO: Sylvia Panico.
ECD: Saulo Rocha, André Toledo.
CD: Fred Bosch, Álvaro Palma.
Copywriter: Toàn Mai.
Art Director: Ignacio Gonzalez Sbiglio, Manuel Armenteros Parras, Carmen Martínez.